Emerging Asia’s first Cross Border Credit Analytics Platform, Spa[r]3k, uses AI-driven data research and analytics to make informed and effective credit decisions, allowing us to build a curated portfolio of alternate loans and venture assets that offer our investors healthy risk-adjusted returns.

The three modules  of Spa{r}3k

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Through deep macro and industry research, Spa{r}3k can identify and originate investment opportunities in high growth technology ventures.

Relative value

Spa{r}3k benchmarks the risk-return profiles of available investment opportunities to select the best from among them.

Risk management

AI & machine learning enables Spa{r}3k to monitor risk as well as the performance of invested portfolios.

The Lend East Investment Philosophy

At the core of our investment philosophy is the strong belief that credit should be granted for the right reasons. To enable this, we provide debt funding to scale businesses while keeping ownership and equity intact. Our point of focus tends to be strong VC-backed, rapid-scaling, revenue-positive technology ventures that are ideal for expanding our credit products. For our investors, we leverage growing opportunities in emerging Asia, using rigorous primary research and calibrated risk-taking to diversify our portfolio and achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

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Diversified Portfolio of Alternate Assets

Access an untapped portfolio of alternate lending and technology assets, diversified across geographies, products and consumer segments.

Proprietary Credit Analytics Platform

Minimise risk through a technology-driven platform that provides deeper insights into underlying ventures, cross border analytics and macroeconomic research.

Seasoned Team

A seasoned management team with relevant experience and a demonstrated track record, backed by seasoned advisors.

Driving Financial Inclusion

The opportunity to earn healthy risk-adjusted returns while creating an impact on millions of underserved consumers and ventures.

Leverage growing investment opportunities

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